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DS Art is a working studio gallery, a mom & pop shop featuring the visual humor of Don Stewart, and the illustrative magic of Sue Ellen Brown (ZooLN). We're located off the beaten path in a little suburb of Birmingham, Alabama, (We can see Vulcan from here.)

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We do get a lot of questions. We even come up with a few answers occasionally. When we have a little more head-scratching time, we'll add a few of them here. 

Why is everything in black and white?

 I used a ballpoint pen in all of my science classes, and didn't really see any need to change when I visited the Art department. I'm stubborn like that.

He does it with a pen? Just a pen?

 Well, I sketch a lot in pencil first, but yes, the final drawings are done with a plain old ballpoint pen. Usually a PaperMate, fiine point.

What if he makes a mistake?

 (Don says he doesn't make mistakes. His wife has experience to the contrary.)

Do you think you're being funny?

 Yes. (At least I keep myself amused, most of the time.)

Can you make a living doing this?

 It’s been thirty years, and nobody has said I have to stop.


Are you crazy?

 Probably. But if there is a cure for this, I’m really not interested.

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