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The Visual Humor of Don Stewart

The more you look, the more there is to see...

About The Artist:

About the Art

Trombones: bare bones anatomy of a classic musical instrument by doctor-turned-artist Don Stewart.

Every one of Don Stewart’s intriguing composite images is drawn entirely by hand, using an ordinary ballpoint pen. Each drawing begins with a pencil sketch, and a long list of possible ingredients. In a process that takes from one to (let's say many) months to complete, Don carefully researches each subject, and considers dozens of ideas and compositions before finally putting ink to paper. 

Silliness and...


By far the most enduring (and endearing) feature of Don Stewart's artwork is the humor. His irrepressible pun-manship is ever present, from  the artist's  simplest sketches to his most complex designs. (Fast Food)



Art With a Purpose: Many of Don 's drawings were created to raise awareness & funds for education, medical research, and to provide ongoing support for service members and their families.  (Navy SEALs)

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Works In Progress

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing, made of yarn, wool, needles, knitting and crochet socks, gloves, sweaters.

Don is always behind in his work, but when an idea finally makes it to the drawing board, there's a good chance you'll see it here.

This one is becoming a Wolf in sheep's clothing...

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How Could This Happen?

Past Medical History Book Cover, autobiography by Donald B. Stewart, MD

How does someone study to become a doctor, and then decide he'd rather be an artist?

This is my story. I'm sticking to it.

Teachers- Think-Start Your Students!

Right Brain: Human brain made of art supplies. Paint, brush, pen, pencil, palette, scissors, tape,

Mashing words and pictures together can be a great brain-builder, and an excellent distraction if you have troublesome students (like my teachers did). Our Composite Image Lesson Plan is posted online at the Incredible @rt Department - an excellent resource for any teacher.

Totally Biased Reviews

“Your creation is the most perfect fundraiser that I could have ever dreamed of for the Wetland Watchers.”  - Barry Guillot  (Gator Aid)

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Cell Phone, composed of two dividing cells. Cellular organelles make up the phone's anatomy.

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