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“My aim is to do more than just render a likeness--I hope to capture something of the
essence of my subject within the picture frame.”

Sue Ellen Brown has been rendering personalities, dreams & memories for more than 30 years. A nationally recognized portraitist and illustrator, producing everything from corporate advertising to children’s storybooks, Sue Ellen continues to create artwork of refined technique and sensitivity. Drawing on the wealth of her experience, Sue Ellen breathes expression, joy, and power into every portrait. Whether preserving an image of your loved one or bringing a memory to life, Sue Ellen offers the skills and sensitivity to create a uniquely personal piece of art.

Price List for Face Work
Each portrait is completed on 100% rag, acid free, Illustration board.
Full color works can be painted on canvas if desired.


Larger--Individual Estimate

Separate faces can be combined to create a single picture from multiple references.
(For example: a photograph of a grandparent could be combined with one of a grandchild,
or one of you with a favorite pet.)

Fees are based on one face per portrait, For each additional face per picture, add 50% base price.

Purchase in the studio or by phone: 800/ 372.7864