Art By Sue Ellen: Critterz

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Gimme Shelter
barkitecture tour & charity auction
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Special thanks to Painted By U for their participation and support of a great cause.

Charity Paintingz
Hand In Paw
This is a foundation where the pets help humans in need. Picasso Pets is their special auction event which pairs the pets of community notables with locally notable artists to create unique works of art.

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"I love the fun and the challenge of creating art with a dog (or dogs). With at least a nose to design and a wag at technique, the idea has to allow for quick, impulsive attack, and leave room for the 'happy accident'. I aim to let the paw prints and tail swishes predominate. I’m just the Muse--they are the artist, and if their owners are like me, they will treasure the evidence of their pet’s efforts for years to come--even more after they’re gone.”

Greater Birmingham Humane Society

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