V8 Engine

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Price: $75.00

Pop the hood to find the Knock, Bing, Rattle, Racquet, Turnover, Stop (on a dime), Nuts, Bolts, Horn, Keys, Juice, Jack, Driver, Flush, File, Rings, Seal, Trunk, Tank, Tire, Wheel, Spare, Grease, “Grease”, Greece (Rhodes Map), Grease Monkey, Grease Gun (Starter – also good for Gunning the engine), Oil, Oil Pan, Crank Case, Shade Tree, Steering Column, Drive-In, Dealer Ship, Horse Power (Stalls), Hub Cap (Distributor), Jumper Cables, Timing Belt, Socket Set, Screwdriver, Monkey Wrench, Engine Blocks, Auto Mobile, Auto Teller, Auto Club, Injection System, On Board Computer, Drum, Shoes (with Matching Clutch), Boot, Hoses, Filters (sometimes this engine smokes a little), Radiator, Mortar Board & Diploma (Road Scholar), 4 Barrels, 8 Plugs, and a real Lemon.

16 x 20" Signed, Numbered Limited Edition of 1000