Uncommon Valor

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Price: $40.00

Uncommon Valor is a visual history of the United States Marine Corps, from the founding of the Corps at Tun Tavern in 1775, to the current conflict in Afghanistan. Over 350 images are arranged in chronological order, in the shape of the historic flag raising on the island of Iwo Jima. The original drawing was unveiled at the National Museum of the Marine Corps on the Marines' 235th birthday, November 10th, 2010. Half of the proceeds from sales of the drawing will be donated in support of the USMC Wounded Warrior RegimentThis is the same product as the "Marines" print featured elsewhere on this site. 

16x20" Open Edition Print (Signed, not numbered): $40.00  

18x24" Signed, Numbered Edition of 1000: $150.00

24x32" Signed, Numbered Giclee Edition of 500: $500.00

Watch the video, or listen to the WBHM radio interview.               Original Drawing Available