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Price: $20.00

An antique train, built entirely of antiques. Based on the "William Crooks", the first steam locomotive to cross the Mississippi. Watch for the Anvil, Barrel, Baseball & Bat, Belt, Bicycle, Blankets, Book, Brass Bed, Brick, Butter Churn, Cake Topper, Cameo, Candlesticks, Canteen, Card, Checkerboard, Chess Set, Cigar, Cymbal, Die, Door Knob, Draw Knife, Fan, Hammer, Horse Collar, Insulator, Jug, Lamp (from the Orient Express), Phi Beta Kappa Key, Pie, Pistol, Pocket Watch, Poker Chip, Postage Stamp, Quilts, Rail, Rifle, Ring, Ruler, Railroad Spike, Saw, Shotgun Shells, Shovel, Silver Dollar, Suitcase, Skeleton Key, Slate, Soda, Square Nail, Strong Box, Sword, Top Hat, Telephone, Uncle Sam, Victrola, Wagon, Wash Board, Wrench and a Yoke, All (on) Aboard.

11 x 14"  Open Edition     16 x 20" Signed, Numbered Edition of 1000

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