Tool House

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Price: $15.00

Built with an Awl, Back Saw, Band-Aid, Bucket, Brace & Bit, C-Clamps, Carpet Knife, Chalk Line, Chain, Chisels, Chuck, Claw Hammer, Compass, Coping Saw, Crescent Wrench, Crosscut Saw, Crowbar, Drafting Table, Drill Bits, Face Mask, File, Folding Rule, Hack Saw, Hard Hat, Ladder, Level, Lock, Nails, Nippers, Paint, Paint Brushes, Peg Board, Pencil, Plane, Pliers, Plumb Line, Pocket Knife, Power Drill, Push Pin, Putty Knife, Road Sign, Roller, Router Bits, Safety Glasses, Sander, Sandpaper, Screws, Screwdrivers, Shears, Spray Paint, Spring Clamps, Squares, Stir Stick, T-Square, Table Saw, Tack Hammer, Tacks, Tape, Tape Measure, Tool Belt, Tool Boxes, Torch, Triangle, Towels, Trowels, Utility Knife, Vise, Wallpaper, Wallpaper Brush, and Wood Glue.

8x10 Open Edition, $15            Original: SOLD

12x16" Signed, Numbered Edition of 500, $45