Submarine Dolphins

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“Received mine a few days ago, and it's simply stunning! I see something new every time I look at it. Thanks, you really did justice to the Silent Service!”

The US. Navy's Submarine Service traces its military roots all the way back to the Revolutionary War, when the submersible Turtle  launched the world's first submarine attack on Sep 07, 1776.  Developments in submarine technology continued through the Civil War and into the 20th century, moving from manual propulsion to electric, steam and diesel engines, and finally to atomic power during the Cold War. Today’s submarines represent the cutting edge of technological innovation, with missions ranging from mine detection, intelligence and covert ops to conventional attack and nuclear deterrence.

The sailors who perform these rigorous undersea missions are a special breed, representing the most highly trained and exclusive crews anywhere in the world. Only the best earn the privilege of wearing the Submariners’ coveted Dolphin badge. The Submarine Dolphins drawing honors these courageous sailors, featuring the history, terminology, and inside humor unique to submariners. (See how the project progressed from initial concept to finished drawing here.)

In recognition of the historic sacrifices made by submariners to maintain the safety and security of all Americans, half of net proceeds from print sales will be donated directly to the Dolphin Scholarship Foundation.

16x20" Lithographs, S/N Ed. of 1000 - $75 ea