Stage Coach

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Price: $100.00

All the World is a Stage, quoth the Bard - with Acts, Admission, AFTRA, Agent, Autographs, Banana Peel, Baton, Blocking, Bomb, Box Seats, Break a Leg, Butterflies, Caesar, Canned Laughter, Carpentry, Cast, Cast Party, Cat Walk, Cat Call, Cattle Call, Callback, Center Ring, Comedy & Tragedy, Clown Shoe, Crutch, Cue, Cue Cards, Curtains, Dance (Ballet and Tap), Director, Dog & Pony Show, Dozen roses, Dressing Room, Film (Big Apple - A Cores Line), Foot Lights, Gaff, Gig, Globe, Green Room, Greece Paint, Hair Styling, Ham, Head Shot, Juggler’s Pins, Keyboard, K-BU Key, Limelight, Lines, Lute, Play Money (Play Bill), Magic, Make-up, Megaphone, Music, ON/OFF, Opener, Opening Night, Puppetry, Punch & Judy, Producer, Raked Stage, Reading,  Regards, Rotten Tomatoes, SAG, Sand Bag, Set Designer, Shake Spear, Show Time (Stage Hands), Slap Stick, Snow’s Mall…Parts, Soap (Opera), Soap Box, Spots, Stage Left/Stage Right, Star on the Dressing Room Door, Starring U, Stealing the Show, Summer Stock, Suspense, Ticket Booth, Up Stage/ Down Stage, Upstaging, Walking the Boards, Wardrobe, Wings,  Wishes, Your Name in Lights and, alas, poor Yorick.

17x22" Giclee Print: Signed, Numbered Edition of 500