Police Badge

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Price: $20.00

Handcuffs, Helmets, Holster, Hats, Horseshoe, Hill Street, Car 54, ChiPs, Sgt. Friday, Barney’s Fife, Sherlock’s Pipe, Kojak’s Lollipop, Lone Ranger’s Silver Bullet, Belt, Gun, Knife,  Stars, Shields, SWAT Team, Black Jack, Baton, Brass Knucks, Nunchucks, Ticket (In), Steak (Out), Speed Limit,  MP’s, Jail Keys, Typewriter Keys, Traffic Whistle, Traffic Light, Parking Meter, Magnifier, Microscope, Fingerprint, Wanted Poster, FBI File, Collar, K-9, Donuts, Coffee and too much Paperwork.

11x14" Open Edition, $20

16x20" Signed, Numbered Edition of 500, $50