Pill Bug

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A Pharmacopoeia of physic from Patent Medicines to Prescriptions, Snake Oil to Scruples, Placebos to Panacea. Alcohol added (for medicinal purposes only). Avoid driving under the influence.

Antibiotics, ACE Inhibitor, Apothecary Weight, Ampoule, Antacid, Alcohol (for medicinal purposes only), Alcohol Swab, Cotton Swab, Childproof Cap, Crutch, Bandage, Bandaids, Blister Pack, Dose Pack, Dose Cup, D5W, Dip Stick, Diuretic, Drug Dealer, Flask, Fountain Pen, Postage Stamp, Patent Medicine, Pills, Prescription Pad, Pharmacopoeia, Pharmer’s Almanac, License, Liquid Gold, Mercury, Mortar & amp; Pestle, Milk of Magnesia, Nitro Patch, Nicotine Patch, Needles, IV Tubing,  Inhaler, Herb Tea, Horse Pill, Sugar Pill, Snake Oil, Syringes, Suppository, Saline, Revenue Stamp, Retort, Thermometer, Vitamins, Grains, Minims, Scruples and Drams.

11x14" Signed, Numbered Edition of 500