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According to Greek mythology, Medusa was a monster with snakes for hair. Her visage was so hideous that anyone who looked at her would instantly turn to stone.
This lovely lady was inspired by the eclectic musical interests of Douglas Yeo, who in addition to his role as Bass Trombonist in the Boston Symphony Orchestra and Music Director for The New England Brass Band, also happens to be expert in the tradition of ancient wind instruments. He has a passion for playing the Serpent, an undulating leather tube with a mouthpiece at one end, and finger holes along its middle. The serpent dominated the big band scene into the mid-1800’s, until it was replaced by the modern brass section of the orchestra.

At Doug’s suggestion, this rendering is dominated by serpents - although one can also find a buccin (the French form of trombone with zoomorphic bell), an English bass horn, cornetto, shofar, cornet, ophicleide and posthorn.

11 x 11" Giclee Print, Signed/ Numbered Edition of 100