Long Stem Roses

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Price: $25.00

After hours of dedicated research, the artist discovered that the empty space between two wine bottles closely approximates the shape of a wine glass, with an unusually long stem. The artist took advantage of this intriguing visual coincidence by placing twelve glasses in a row, separated by bottles of blush wine. The result - a dozen long-stemmed rose´s. (Watch the video.)

Selections from today’s wine list include: Compass Rosé,  Flamingo Rosé,  Pink Elephant Rosé, Oenie Ouinie Pinq Bikini (Blush Wine), Cold Duck, Pink Crustacean (Caribbean Rose´), Jose Rosé (Vino Rosado), Ros-e The Vintner (Riveting Rosé), Pink Car Nation, House Swine, and the German version: Herditrude Grape Wein

8.5 x 14" Signed, Open Edition lithographs: $25.00

8.5 x 22" Edition of 100 Signed, Numbered Giclee Prints: $100.00