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Price: $75.00

This Rock Lobster is all Heavy Metal, Dude. Pick out the hammer head, hinge, combination lock, cookie cutter, corkscrew, ax, pick, keys, key chain, key ring, bandage clip, belt buckle, bell, bucket, bullet, bottle cap, bottle opener, can opener, tin can, scissors, sabre, razor blade, zipper, antenna, alarm clock, hole punch, putter, pliers, paper clip, pipe wrench, license plate, flashlight, oil can, chisel, femoral prosthesis, carving knife, pocket knife, picture hanger, whistle, nail clipper, trailer hitch, hex nuts, spoon, horseshoe, coin, wrench, spike, fishing spoon, safety pin, pen nib, tire weight, free weight, wing nut, needle, thimble, steam iron, and tractor seat.

15x22" Signed, Numbered Edition of 100