Legal Eagle

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The world's second oldest profession takes flight in this collection of court-related contraband, the more complicated version of our whimsical Shark. Comes complete with court records, court orders, files, sworn oaths, good deeds, legal rights, a model witness, and a new pair of wing tips - the perfect gift for the laughing litigator.

Admission, Agent (Bond), Appeal, A rainment, Bail, Bar Association, Bearister, Books, Binder, Briefs, Chief Justice, Class Action, Cornucopia (with Juris Prunes), Records, Cross Examination, Crusader for Justice (A Tourney), De Fence (Pickett Line), Entrapment, , Files, Gavel, Grounds, Hearing, Immunity, Jury Pool, Jail Bird, Joke Books, Kangaroo Court, Law Suit, Legal Aid, Legal Instruments (Pay the Piper), Legal Pad (Rules of Law), Legal Rights, Legal Tender, Legal Ties (Accessory, after the fact), Legalese, Lincoln (That man is in a cent!), Litter Gate (with Laches), Model Witness, Orbiter Dictum, Pair o’ Eagles, Parties, , Pro Bait, Promissory Note,  Rule of Law, Settlement, Sharks, Sworn Oath, Torte, The Tooth (and nothing but the Tooth), Themis (Justitia), White Collar, Wing Tips, Will Call, Vested Interest, Yield, and The Full Measure of the Law.

11x17" Signed, Numbered Edition of 100 Giclee Prints, $75 each

17x22" Signed, Numbered Edition of 100 Giclee Prints, $200 each

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