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Sir Realism: Historic imagery from the 14th to 16th centuries, an era of political and scientific revolution that marked the end of the Dark Ages, and the dawn of the European Renaissance. Courtly contraband and military materiel comprise this knight, harmoniously accompanied by period instruments, with can openers added in anachronistic counterpoint. Card games and chess were popularized at this time, and played in court to maintain strategic acuity away from the battlefield. The ship denotes the age of exploration and conquest.

Discover the Astrolabe, Arrow, Books, Bow, Caltrops, Caravel, Castle, Chalice, Chess, Church Key, Crossbow, Crown, Dagger, Falcon, Flail, Flea, Gantlet, Garter, Gold, Halberd, Hammer, Helm, Horn, Hounds, Hourglass, Illuminated Manuscript, Jester Stick, Knights Hospitalers, Lance, Lute, Mail, Pennant, Plume, Powder Horn, Rat, Retort, Sabaton, Shield, Signet Ring, Spurs, Swords, Standard, Steed - plus a Flute, Trumpet, Harp, Ocarina, and Panpipes (for a little Knight music).

16x20" Signed, Numbered Edition of 500