Green Berets

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Price: $125.00

Special Forces chronicles the history of the U.S. Army’s Green Berets, from the origins of these elite, unconventional warriors in North Africa, Europe and Burma in World War II, through engagements in Laos and Vietnam, Central and South America, to conflicts in the Middle East, and half a century of global military and civic action, enshrined in the outline of Douwe Blumberg’s Horseman sculpture, “America’s Response”. (This is the identical product to the image labeled 'Special Forces' elsewhere on this site.)

Follow the development of this project from inspiration to completion on our Facebook Page. Half of the proceeds generated through print sales of this drawing will be shared with the Green Beret Foundation.

17x22” Premium Giclee (Digital) prints, Signed & numbered series of 100: $125.00 each