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New Paperback Edition! 

Back by popular demand: DS Art - The Visual Humor of Don Stewart is the re-issued collection of pun-filled composite renderings to flow from the steady pen and fluid mind of the comedic doctor-turned-artist, now in paperback.

Showcasing the best and funniest work from his first twenty years in the studio, this 80-page volume contains 56 of the artist's most popular ballpoint drawings, each intricately composed of dozens of hidden images and visual wordplay. These complex pictures illustrate a variety of subjects including animals, sports, music, and medicine, accompanied by amusing commentary and detailed component lists that complete the connection from the brain to the funny bone. 

This playful picture book contains the Baby Grand, Barber Chair, Baseball Glove, Basketball Shoe, Bass, Left Brain, Right Brain, Camera, Carousel Horse, Clarinet, Computer, Crab, Deer, Dragon Fly, Drum Set, Fire Engine, Football Helmet, French Horn, Fruit Flies, Golf Bag, Hare Care, Hiking Boot, Hockey Skate, Hummingbird, Juke Box, Knight, Legal Eagle, Lobster, Motorcycle, Parrot, Pipe Wrench, Police Badge, Quack,  Saddle, Sax, School House, Sewing Machine, Shark,  Shellican, Ship Shape, Shoe Horns, Soccer Shoe, Snake’s Kin Boot, St. Mary’s Hospital, Stage Coach, Sunflowers, Tennis Shoe, Tool House, Tractor, Train, Trombones, Turkey, V8 Engine, Veggie Caduceus, and VW Bug. 

Add Don's anthilogy of art-o-biographical short stories, Past Medical History, for additional savings, with our special Two Book Deal.