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Cutting straight to the Cor of medical practice, this pun-filled coronary cross-section is constructed of cards, with a cardiac theme - including, of course, an entire suite of hearts!

Look for the Playing Cards (Hearts), Greeting Cards: Valentine Card, Mother’s Day Card, Holiday Card; Post  Cards: Bundle of HIS (Bundle of HERS, too); Flash Cards: Cardioid, DesCartes; AAA Card, Bank Card, Baseball Card (MVP), Business Cards, Business Reply Card, Cue Card, Donor Card, ID Card, Index Card, Recipe Card, Report Card, Score Card, Tarot Card, Union Card, Ace Inhibitor, Auricle, Beats, Bicuspids, Ca++ Channel, Card Catalog (S-T Segment), Cardio-Gram, Cardinal, Carte Blanche, Community Chest, Core, Corduroy, Cupid, Pair of Pumps (Na, K), ECG Strip, QRS Complex, Infarct, LOVE Stamps, Heart (A Tack), Heart Block (First & Second Degree), Heart Failure, Heart to Heart Talk (Telemetry), Heartbreak Hotel (Medical Record), Heart of Stone, Heart Wrenching, Heart on Your Sleeve, BP Cuff, Heartburn, Heart Strings (String Theory), Heart Scarab, Hol(s)ter Monitor, P(e)acemaker, Purple Heart, Progress Note, Saddle (M. Bolus), Sergeant Pepper (Lonely Hearts Club), S-4 Gallop, Stethoscope, Swans, Sweet Hearts, Ticker Tape, Transplant (Match), and a Wedge. (This is the same product listed elsewhere on this site under "Heart".)

11x17" Signed, Numbered Giclee Prints, Limited Edition of 500: $75 each.

Full-sized 17x22" Signed, Numbered Giclee Prints, Limited Edition of 100: $250 each.

Original: SOLD