Cancer Ribbon

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'Cancer' is a simple illustration of hope and tenacity, using both ancient and modern symbols to describe the conundrum of this often devastating disease process, and the ongoing search for a cure.

Hippocrates called malignant tumors 'Karkinos', Greek for crab or crayfish, describing the similarity of the branching tumors with crustaceans. The Latin word for crab is Cancer.

This cancer consists of a Gordian knot, itself an ancient metaphor for an intractable problem. The knot is a tangle of ribbon, which today represents a bond of unity and support,  a badge of solidarity against a common challenge. The crab-shaped knot thus signifies both an extremely difficult puzzle to untangle, and the determination to arrive at a solution. Fortunately, one of the legs of this crab is slowly beginning to unravel...

17x22" Signed, Numbered Edition of 100 Giclee Prints