Black Bear-y Bush

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Price: $30.00

I have long been interested in drawing a blackberry bush, made of black bears.

This is not an original idea. I was inspired years ago by a Minnesota artist whose name escapes me (and whose identity has frustrated my best online search efforts), a talented punster who painted spot-on botanicals of blueberries, blackberries and pussy willows, with fruits and catkins substituted with tiny blue bears, black bears, and tawny little kittens. Unable to improve upon his work, I have stewed in the juices of professional jealousy for three decades, trying to find my own way to portray just one these tantalizing puns.

Then, on a visit to Gatlinburg, Tennessee, the beating heart of the Great Smoky Mountains, and apparently the center of the universe for all things black bear-ish, something in the atmosphere must have penetrated my thick creative skin, prompting me to ignore the individual bear-y berries, and draw the whole plant as a wreath of sorts, outlining the image of a black bear in the shapes of the leaves. (Watch the drawing develop here.) A juicy treat for your pick-in-ick basket. Just be careful of the thorns.

12x16" Signed Lithographs, $30.00 each 

17x22" SIgned & Numbered Giclee prints, $75.00 each