Barber Chair

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Shave and a Haircut

This drawing is based loosely on an 1895 model Koken hydraulic barber chair, in use during the Golden Age of the tonsorial profession.

Historically, barbers also performed the work of surgeons, trimming corns, lancing boils and removing stones and tumors well into the nineteenth century. These itinerant professionals are mentioned in popular literature (Sancho Panza of Don Quixote was one), although few readers are familiar with the details of their trade. Traveling from village to village on a seasonal basis, they wore their brass shaving basins on their heads, a notch cut in the brim to make room for their customers’ necks.

Look for the Barber Pole, Barber’s Jacket, Barber Quarter (Two Bits, showing “Heads”), Brush, Bay Rum, Razor, Strop, Safety Blade, Scissors, Sink, Spray, Spittoon, Shaving Mug, Mirror, Talc, Towel, Comb, Cologne, Clippers, Cigar, Pomade, Footrest for Shoeshine, Antiseptic Bath, and a classic, hat-shaped Barber’s Basin.

11x14 Signed, Numbered Edition of 500