Arms of Morpheus

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This composite image is built around an Anesthesia theme, based on the poetic metaphor for sleep: ‘Falling into the Arms of Morpheus’, the god of dreams. The drawing represents the coat of “arms” of a fictitious family named Morpheus, and is composed of anesthesia equipment, medicinal plants, and mind-numbing puns – e.g. Spinal tap, Art line, Axillary block, and Ivy (I.V.), etc.

The tongue-in-cheek motto "Ether-Or" mimics a common expression of ambivalence, and also notes the fiduciary benefits of this lucrative medical specialty (or = gold), which basically involves sitting on a stool until quitting time (5pm, as noted on the alarm clock).

11x17" Giclee print, Signed, Numbered Edition of 100