Aids Quilt Square

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The idea of the AIDS quilt is a powerful statement of the history of this crisis, which was just coming to light when the artist was a student in medical school. This AIDS quilt square is a simple design, a medical cross overlaid with a caduceus, the entwined snakes represented by an AIDS ribbon, and the wings by folded prescription slips.  Tablets and capsules of AZT arranged within the cross represent the current medical regimen for keeping HIV infection in check.

A quilt is a universal symbol of comfort and community. Small red lapel ribbons, symbolic of the international effort to find a cure, are pinned to the four corners of the square. The pins are intentional (as opposed to having the ribbons sewn to the quilt). They imply the temporary nature of the current crisis, and the hope that one day we will all be able to remove our ribbons, and celebrate the conquest of the AIDS epidemic.

11x11"  Signed, Numbered Limited Edition of 100 Giclee Prints.