Frequently Asked Questions

Privacy :: We almost joined a privacy watchdog organization, but balked at filling out the membership form. Seriously, your privacy is yours to keep (or to sell, see below). We do not track individual visits.

Logs :: We are not saying that we get no information from you at all. Like all web sites, our server logs some types of information. For your benefit, here is a more detailed explanation.

Bear in mind, all web servers log requests from visitors, as well as any errors reported to users (pages not found, server busy, that sort of thing). This information is used to measure the overall popularity of the site. The server logs your IP address (which is usually not 'yours' anyway) to keep track of each individual hit.

IP addresses can be used to get some information, such as which ISP you are using, and from which city you are logging into your ISP's network. You do not own the IP address, your ISP assigns you a different one every time you log on (a dynamic IP address). All we can tell from the logs, then, is that someone logged on to our system using this ISP (say AOL) from this node (say a node in Baton Rouge), on this time and date, and looked at such and such a page. If that visitor encountered an error, that error will be logged too. As you can see, it's practically impossible to track who made that visit.

Some sites (basically any site offering you free stuff) are designed to get information from you, either overtly or covertly. Frankly, we don't care how much money you make, how old you are, and what kind of car you drive. We care which and how many of Don's pictures you buy.

Spam :: If you ever get Spam email from this site, please forward it to Since we never send unsolicited email, this means that the return address has been forged, and we will need the extended header information to track the sender. Bear in mind that the first contact you need to make about spamming is to your ISP, they have the capability to block some spamming at the server level.

Cookies :: That's an easy one: this site does not use cookies at all. The secure ordering site we use (see below) uses a temporary cookie to complete your transaction.

Selling your personal information :: If you paid attention so far, you will know that we don't collect any of your personal information to sell to marketers. That does not mean that you can't sell your own personal information directly. Many web sites now offer you cash for tidbits of information (others pay you to watch ads while you surf).

Ordering :: If you've ordered from us, you might have noticed that the actual order is placed on another server (a different address in your browser bar). This is perfectly normal, as a secure server (secure enough to hold credit card information) requires more protection than a simple web server. We use a third-party commerce provider to securely accept credit card transactions.

If you feel even more strongly about your online privacy and security concerns, you can phone your order directly at 1 (800) 372-7864 or visit Don at one of his shows in your area.

If you feel even more strongly about it than that, Don will soon make available special folding hats with a smorgasbord of DS Art images on the outside and a special asbestos/kevlar lining inside. This product will be both stylish and guaranteed to stop brain-hacking attempts from any known planet in the universe.
(Guarantee does not cover species from parallel universes. Money-back guarantee requires proof of hat purchase and affidavit from non-human sentient being describing the mind hack attempt. Hat does not stop religious experiences, Schizophrenic conditions or C.I.A. / F.B.I. mind control rays.)