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The Visual Humor of Don Stewart

New Paperback Edition! 

Back by popular demand: DS Art - The Visual Humor of Don Stewart is the re-issued collection of pun-filled composite renderings to flow from the steady pen and fluid mind of the comedic doctor-turned-artist, now in paperback.

Showcasing the best and funniest work from his first twenty years in the studio, this 80-page volume contains 56 of the artist's most popular ballpoint drawings, each intricately composed of dozens of hidden images and visual wordplay. These complex pictures illustrate a variety of subjects including animals, sports, music, and medicine, accompanied by amusing commentary and detailed component lists that complete the connection from the brain to the funny bone.

(So sorry - our hardcover first edition is SOLD OUT.)

Kids Pick the Funniest Poems

"Recipe for Mud Pies" Edited by Bruce Lansky, with illustrations by Steve Carpenter. Meadowbrook Press This book is a collection of poems selected by children, who apparently admired Don's culinary talents.

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